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“Where are you? Where are you, little girl with broken wings but full of hope? Where are you, wise women covered in wounds? Where are you?”

WAYFARER > words by OMAR MUSA > video by Selina Miles

One continuous shot following graffiti writer Sofles on a wander through Melbourne.

This video was made possible to an amazing group of people, who came together to help us celebrate and pay homage to the Collingwood and Fitzroy area of Melbourne. Our goal was to create one continuous drone shot, captured in one take. The amazing team from Swarm UAV pulled it off.

Here you have the result, along with words by the brilliant poet and author Omar Musa.
Original soundtrack by Erin McKimm.

Thanks to all the artists who came down to be a part of this video, the support team of assistants, Easey’s, Everfresh Studio and everyone else who makes Collingwood such an amazing place.

Directed by Selina Miles selinamiles.com
Featuring Sofles sofles.com
Aerial Cinematography by Swarm UAV swarmuav.com.au
Music by Erin McKimm erinmckimm.com/
Spoken Word by Omar Musa facebook.com/omarmusaqbn/


“The Awakening” is a  Cinematic Poem Short Film Featuring Poem By Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî Filmed and Directed By Ivan Maria Friedman.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by:   Ivan Maria Friedman

Music Composed by:  Richard Wagner (“Das Rheingold, Scene I: Vorspiel”)

Actress and Narrator:   Elena Samuylova


“The Awakening”

By Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî (1207-1273)

In the early dawn of happiness
you gave me three kisses
so that I would wake up
to this moment of love

I tried to remember in my heart
what I’d dreamt about
during the night
before I became aware
of this moving
of life

I found my dreams
but the moon took me away
It lifted me up to the firmament
and suspended me there
I saw how my heart had fallen
on your path
singing a song

Between my love and my heart
things were happening which
slowly slowly
made me recall everything

You amuse me with your touch
although I can’t see your hands.
You have kissed me with tenderness
although I haven’t seen your lips
You are hidden from me.

But it is you who keeps me alive

Perhaps the time will come
when you will tire of kisses
I shall be happy
even for insults from you
I only ask that you
keep some attention on me.

Website:  http://www.mayapictures.com/

Compton – Kendrick Lamar

A short film celebrating Compton, the city that inspired 2016 GRAMMY nominee Kendrick Lamar featuring a spoken word version of his track Alright.

Watch the original video here



ANONYMOUS > Luka Lesson

From the ANTIDOTE anthology by Luka Lesson.

ANONYMOUS written by Luka Lesson

Produced by Jordan Thomas Mitchell
Directed by Luka Lesson and Toby Finlayson
Shot and edited by Toby Finlayson
Assistant producers Nicky Akehurst and Isa Catepillan
Motion Graphics by Roy Weiland


“Tried” (For The Baltimore Uprising) > Abdul Hammoud

“On April 12, 2015, Baltimore law enforcement arrested Freddie Gray, 25 years old. While being transported in the police vehicle, Gray mysteriously sustained injuries to his back and neck. After falling into a coma six days later, he died a day after. On April 27, Baltimore stood up and opposed police brutality and racial discrimination.

April 12 was half way through International Poetry Month, and half way through a writing challenge I host online called The Dirty Thirty where myself and participants (now over 1000 strong) attempt to write one poem a day every day for the month of April. After having witnessed Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and many others beaten, shot, and killed before our eyes, artists all over the world stood up with Baltimore. Poetry flooded the internet. This was one I wrote on the second last day of The Dirty Thirty, and it’s only one of many very worthwhile art pieces that should be watched. This poem has since been edited further. But this was my favorite incarnation.”

Facebook – facebook.com/abstract1991
Instagram – @abstractpoetry
Email – abstractproductions91@gmail.com


From Youtube:

“This video is a response to all those that have abused, disgraced or debased the message of Islam through their words and actions, whether they be deranged Muslims or Anti-Islam haters.

We did not create this video, except in defence of the Messenger (pbuh) and to uphold the sanctity of his teachings which are being disgraced daily by these people. May Allah make this video a means of benefit to both Muslims and Non-Muslims so that they may understand and appreciate the merciful reality of our Noble Messenger.

Special thanks to Muslim Belal for Background Vocals – Guidance off new Album “My Sumaya”.


Talk Islam started off with a group of young Muslim brothers from Sydney inspired to spread the dawah on the streets. Whether it be through handing out pamphlets or engaging in conversation with strangers.