poetry in motion


The Wanderer Returns > Stefan Raabe

An interesting mixture of poetry and fashion in this short film created by Stefan Raabe for Aurelia Boutique

Crew Credits:

Executive Producer – Karen Madhavan
Director / Editor / Colour – Stefan Raabe (stefanraabe.com)
DOP – William Horne (williamhornes.blogspot.com.au)
Camera Assistant – Luke Jones
Stylist / Location Scout – Melanie Sakkeus
Sound Design – Nick Venn (bangbangstudios.com.au)
Talent – Jaimee Gooley
Voice – Marcella Russo

Music credits:

Track 1 – “Sluice” by Sawako (troncolon.com)

Track 2 – Accoustic track by Uncle Signmund (freesound.org/people/UncleSigmund/sounds/30266/)

Equipment and specs:

Camera – Sony F3, and FS100
Lenses – Sony kit lenses 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
+ Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 L & 24mm L. Most shots were captured using a Cambo Jib.

Star time lapse – shot over 7hours on Canon 7D, 11-16mm Tokina lens, TC-80N3 remote, battery grip with 2 x LPE6 batteries. Capture Settings: BULB, aperture 2.8, 300ISO, 30 second exposures at 5 second intervals – processed in QuicktimePro 7.

Editing – FCP studio 7 and colour grading finished with Color. Cinema tools used for conforming footage for slow motion effect. Sound design created in Pro Tools.