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POETRY OF PERCEPTION > Harvard Neuroscience X Poets


An eight-part series (vimeo.com/channels/972301) on representations of perception and sensation made for fundamentalsofneuroscience.com.

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one.” Erwin Schrödinger.

Words by Walt Whitman
Animation by Sophie Koko Gate sophiekokogate.com
3D Floater Animation by Tomas Kemp
Narration by Peter Blegvad
Sound + Music by Oswald Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com

“Both artists and scientists strive, even if in different ways, toward the goal of discovering new uniformities or lawful regularities.” Hermann Helmholtz

Words by Emily Dickinson
Animation by Hannah Jacobs hellohannahjacobs.com
Narration by Anna Martine
Sound + Music by Oswald Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com

“I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I’ve felt it.” Igor Stravinski

Words by Emily Dickinson
Animation by Lily Fang lilyfang.com
Narration by Sarah Jessop
Sound + Music by Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com

“A nose that can see is worth two that sniff.” Eugène Ionesco

Words by William Carlos Williams
Animation by Isaac Holland isaacholland.com
Narration by William Carlos Williams
Sound + Music by Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com

“If we understood something just one way, we would not understand it at all.” Marvin Minsky

Words by Emily Dickinson
Animation by Brian Smee briansmee.biz
Narration by Nak Yong Choi
Translation by Yoonah Caroline Lee
Coloring Assistance by Isabelle Aspin
Sound + Music by Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” Margaret Atwood

Words by Walt Whitman
Animation by Caitlin Craggs caitlincraggs.com
Narration by Caitlin Craggs
Sound + Music by Skillbard skillbard.com
Produced by Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com


The Warrior > Aubrey Marcus

Words by  Aubrey Marcus @WarriorPoetUS and brought to life by the talent and vision of @Notthisbody

For more by Aubrey Marcus visit the Warrior Poet blog: warriorpoet.us
To connect with Not This Body, visit notthisbody.com

A collaboration of /Aubrey Marcus and /Notthisbody


A Rap Summary of the awesome little doco ‘Forest Man’

The inspiring story of Jadav Payeng who planted an entire 550 hectare forest all by himself over a period of 30 years.

Many thanks to the makers for permission to include their footage.

Watch the full version here:

Also includes some supplementary footage from ‘The Forest Man of India’
Watch that one here: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/docum…

Music Track: Tabla Toy by Beats Antique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUC8i…

Grab the full track here: https://hugothepoet1.bandcamp.com/tra…

Lyrics written and performed by Hugo The Poet
Video edited by Flomos
Audio Mixed and Mastered by Frank Pearce at Studio Squid

Thanks to my early adopting Patrons who pledged on Patreon and chipped in for some Audio Mixing and Mastering on this track: Sod Oscarfono, Sarah Smith, Nils R Grotnes, Stephan Taylor, Chad Schott, Tommi Mononen, Olivier Serres, Eero Af Heurlin

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Commencing this short rap in Jorhat, north east India
the city where living for many is hard, for others even trickier
Also the city of our narrator, Jitu Korlita
A photographic capturer of images of nature
In all its splendor, and splendor it certainly delivers
near to the Bhramaputra one of India’s most crucial rivers
The banks of which many millions call home
who are threatened every year during the monsoon
With floods brutally rising, eroding land, unruly climbing
No where more evident than Majuli island
The world’s largest river isle a natural diamond pristine
It’s lost half its land mass since nineteen seventeen
And could be completely gone in thirty years’ time
Nevertheless on a visit there in two thousand and nine
Jitu Korlita overlooked a barren wasteland and to his surprise
he seemed to spy an entire forest on the horizon
He couldn’t believe his eyes and when he saw a man
Jitu approached him to see if he could perchance explain
After being convinced that Jitu wasn’t a poacher, the man made a startling claim
He planted that whole forest himself and his name is Jadav Payeng

This is the tale of Jadav Payeng
Who saw the harsh end of this hard path we wend
And while many acquiesce to the dark farce ahead
He made a means to mend our ways by planting plants instead

Jitu reported this tale in the press and on-line
How this man had been planting trees since nineteen seventy nine
Every day of his life, assisted by his family and wife
Heading over the water to arrive Bucket in hand,
At the former sand bar of land where his forest stands
and which year by year incrementally he expands
Planting seedlings, and tending each one with best care
His forest is now five hundred and fifty hectares
Bigger than central park and providing habitat
For deer, rhinoceros, rabbits and even elephants to travel back
And on top of that, it’s well known that
The roots of healthy trees maintain soil and halt erosion
For almost forty years his routine’s been to plant plants and tend
and every tree and animal that exists there he calls his friend
Poachers and loggers are a constant threat
So he guards and defends, saying cut me before you cut my friends
Now Jitu and this man are the fastest of friends
He’s watched him attain fame but never let it go to his head
The prime minister even honoured his name
The Forest Man Of India, Jadav Payeng

Jadav Payeng loves all animals, humans the same
But humans are the only animals of which he’s afraid
The only difference is that humans will take take take
And would log his forest for the sake of making a short-term economic stake
Jitu watches Jadav at awards engagements
But suspects that in his private thoughts he hates them
He’s too humble, too self effacing
To get caught up in all that noise they making
But he goes along to try to make a statement
About the benefits of undertaking widespread afforestation
So far, too few people are listening to him speak
But he doesn’t get discouraged, he has patience indeed
Because whether it’s a whole forest or a change to our creeds
Jadav Payeng knows you just have to keep on planting the seeds
Who knows what we could achieve if this started a trend
And every town had a Forest person, lauded as him
And enough people reduced consumption, and planted plants instead
All thanks to the example of Jadav Payeng

This is the tale of Jadav Payeng
Who saw the harsh end of this hard path we wend
And while many acquiesce to the dark farce ahead
He made a means to mend our ways by planting plants instead
Our planet may seem far too vast to defend
But the imminent catastrophe is far too large to pretend
And which story would you rather artists sing
The chant of our end, or the tale of Jadav Payeng?


Words by Luka Lesson – http://www.lukalesson.com.au
Score by Jordan Thomas Mitchell – http://jordanmitchellmusic.com/
Video Created by: Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore – https://vimeo.com/claudiasangiorgidal…
Additional footage by: Nigel Raynard – http://uniqueimages.com.au

Download Bones audio from: http://lesson.bandcamp.com



There are 206 bones in our bodies
and mine
are just like yours

but I’ll be white ochre if I want to
I’ll bleached by sun and soaked by sand if I want to
I’ll be eaten and reclaimed
decomposed and desired if I want to

There are 22 bones in my feet
and I’ve named them after the poets who have walked before me

I will burn if I need to
be dust
if I choose to
desire smoke signals of yesterday
reminisce in my own future
I will be a figment of my own imagination if I choose to

I will be rubble
.drift wood
.dead weight
.dead set
.dead end
dead poet’s society

There are 206 bones in my body
and each one will be fine bone china tea cup discussions of what could have been
use my fibula to mark the chalk outline
of what went wrong
reform my skeleton into a shape of something you think you can come to terms with
how did he?
why did we?
why wasn’t there?
when was it?
why didn’t we?

There are 40 litres of water in our bodies but most of us still can’t find a fucking flow

I will build a dam if I want to
I’ll build a river
an estuary
a lake
I will build a tear duct the width of your mother’s face
I will not let her tell me we can’t hear your voice anymore
I can’t hear your voice any more than my own sometimes

My heart
me up all day
and I know you know what that means
I know you miss me
but I wish you’d missed
And I’m not ready to shoot
the breeze with you
.not ready to fall with you
.not ready to flow
.not ready to go
.not ready to be that bold with you just yet
.not ready to decompose disintegrate or dissolve
I’m not ready to feed the dirt
just yet
as a poet
we’re only ever respected once we’re dead so I guess I’m not ready for fame just yet

I’d rather be anonymous – but breathing
Alive – in secret
a “bad poet”
but livid
but dealing with it

I’d rather be another number
than a statistic
there is a difference

I’m not ready to fall just yet
There are one thousand miles of veins in our bodies and I’ve given each vein a name
so when I’m gone
you still can’t use my name in vain

And there are 36 breaths
in this poem
that I may have never taken
and they
are the best shit
that I ever wrote.

All The Way > Charles Bukowski

Directed, filmed and edited by Willem Martinot
Based on “roll the dice” by Charles Bukowski
Voice: Tom O’Bedlam
Music: Tony Anderson
Shot in Andalusia, Spain
Actor and assistant: Imre Tigchelaar


Copyright Willem Martinot 2014


A Poem about Labels, and why we MUST get rid of them.

Artist/Writer – Prince Ea