poetry in motion


Word Travels is a not-for-profit arts association that organises literary and literacy events for libraries, schools, festivals and cultural institutions. We believe that spoken-word artists, poets, hip hop artists, story tellers and  monologists can develop an industry equal to that of actors, musicians and writers. Our main objective is to inspire people to tell their stories in creative ways, primarily through live performance.

We develop, organise and host wordshops and events around Australia with a focus on developing new writers in both urban and regional areas including the national Australian Poetry Slam. The Slam reaches out to spoken word artists across Australia and gets them involved in a national competition. The Slam touches rural and urban communities, inspiring a love of poetry and catapulting spoken word artists onto the international scene.


Undergrowth is an independent evolving organism of writers, artists, media makers and cutting edge ontological guerillas. Materially, we produce films, publish books, hold screenings, film festivals, art exhibition and musical events. Digitally, Undergrowth.org  is an online magazine containing the best short fiction, journalism, poetry, visual art, photography, comics and esoterica from Australia’s counter-cultural underground.  Philosophically, we are all change agents. Engage the flow and swim with it. In it. Become it…

{we live not Underground, but in the Undergrowth}


Verb Studios is an independent hybrid media art studio with a diverse body of work ranging from short films, music videos, documentaries, print publications, and graphic design. Verb Studios is currently producing a TV pilot of SLAM TV in assocition with Word Travels and Undergrowth.



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