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Filmed in North America, Iceland, France, Ireland and England.
Film and production by Joel McKerrow.

Words and Voice by Joel McKerrow (www.joelmckerrow.com).
Featuring Heidi McKerrow (www.heidimckerrow.com)
With the music of Tom Hoey (www.thompost.bandcamp.com).



“PARANG” the new book of poetry and writing by Omar Musa, and this video is a preview of the insights and beauty of this leading Australian poet.

“To order a copy of “Parang” send $25 to my paypal account (omar_bin_musa@hotmail.com) and I’ll sign and personally send one off immediately. This is all very independent but I like it that way, because I know it will get right from my hand into yours, the reader’s. Be sure to get in there quickly because it’s a limited run. Cheers!


Video by Vis Pajori

Growing Is Forever > words: Kallie Markle > video by Jess Rosten

A meditative ode to the transcendental beauty in nature.

A film by Jesse Rosten – twitter.com/JesseRosten
Words by Kallie Markle – twitter.com/lightningvsbug
Music – “Window” The Album Leaf


Onwards, etc

Onward, Etc. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

…Spinning through the world, half musicians, half tornadoes, they carry with them a uniquely contagious will to live. Not in the sense of staying alive – far from it – but rather in living each day fearlessly, creatively, spontaneously and generously. -Forest Woodward Onward, Etc.

SEEING (May Your Pen Grace The Page) >> Luka Lesson >> video: Wang Di

In anticipation of Luka Lesson’s 2012 visit to Beijing, a short film competition asking participants to use the message of his poem ‘May Your Pen Grace The Page’ was established. This film is the result of that competition. It is underground filmmaker Wang Di’s portrayal of blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng’s struggle for freedom and the recognition of human rights in China and abroad.

Made with no budget, the film uses local actors, media footage banned in China and Luka Lesson’s recording of ‘May Your Pen Grace The Page’ to bring light to this important issue. It is now the only ‘Official’ video made for the inspirational poem ‘May Your Pen Grace The Page’ in existence.

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