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ANONYMOUS > Luka Lesson

From the ANTIDOTE anthology by Luka Lesson.

ANONYMOUS written by Luka Lesson

Produced by Jordan Thomas Mitchell
Directed by Luka Lesson and Toby Finlayson
Shot and edited by Toby Finlayson
Assistant producers Nicky Akehurst and Isa Catepillan
Motion Graphics by Roy Weiland



“Tried” (For The Baltimore Uprising) > Abdul Hammoud

“On April 12, 2015, Baltimore law enforcement arrested Freddie Gray, 25 years old. While being transported in the police vehicle, Gray mysteriously sustained injuries to his back and neck. After falling into a coma six days later, he died a day after. On April 27, Baltimore stood up and opposed police brutality and racial discrimination.

April 12 was half way through International Poetry Month, and half way through a writing challenge I host online called The Dirty Thirty where myself and participants (now over 1000 strong) attempt to write one poem a day every day for the month of April. After having witnessed Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and many others beaten, shot, and killed before our eyes, artists all over the world stood up with Baltimore. Poetry flooded the internet. This was one I wrote on the second last day of The Dirty Thirty, and it’s only one of many very worthwhile art pieces that should be watched. This poem has since been edited further. But this was my favorite incarnation.”

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From Youtube:

“This video is a response to all those that have abused, disgraced or debased the message of Islam through their words and actions, whether they be deranged Muslims or Anti-Islam haters.

We did not create this video, except in defence of the Messenger (pbuh) and to uphold the sanctity of his teachings which are being disgraced daily by these people. May Allah make this video a means of benefit to both Muslims and Non-Muslims so that they may understand and appreciate the merciful reality of our Noble Messenger.

Special thanks to Muslim Belal for Background Vocals – Guidance off new Album “My Sumayaā€¯.


Talk Islam started off with a group of young Muslim brothers from Sydney inspired to spread the dawah on the streets. Whether it be through handing out pamphlets or engaging in conversation with strangers.

Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? > Akala

Akala demonstrates and explores the connections between Shakespeare and Hip-Hop, and the wider cultural debate around language and it’s power.

MOBO award-winning hip hop artist ‘Akala’ is a label owner and social entrepreneur who fuses rap/rock/electro-punk with fierce lyrical storytelling (think Wu-Tang Clan and Aphex Twin meets Rage Against The Machine). With Akala’s latest record, convention-defying album DoubleThink, Akala has proven himself as one of the most dynamic and literate talents in the UK. Inspired by the likes of Saul Williams and Gil Scott Heron, Akala has also developed a reputation for stellar live performances with his drummer Cassell ‘TheBeatmaker’ headlining 5 UK tours and touring with everyone from Jay-Z, Nas & Damian Marley, M.I.A. and Christina Aguilera to Siouxsie Sue and Richard Ashcroft, appearing at numerous UK / European and US festivals (Glastonbury, Big Chill, Wireless, V, Hove and SXSW) also partnering with the British Council promoting British arts across Africa, Vietnam (the first rapper to perform a live concert in Vietnam), New Zealand and Australia. In 2009, Akala launched the ‘The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company’, a hotly-tipped music theatre production enterprise which has sparked worldwide media interest since its inception. Previous collaborators include: British actor; Sir Ian McKellen, actor/musician; Colin Salmon and Royal Shakespeare Company Voice Director; Cicely Berry. 2011 sees the launch Akala’s latest endeavour ‘Illa State Productions’ to garner his budding scriptwriting talent alongside TV presenting and as a music composer for various TV and Film projects.


Also, here’s another TEDX which discusses the connection between Shakespeare and Hip-hop featuring MC Lars.

Andrew Robert MacFarlane Nielsen, more commonly known as MC Lars, has experienced first-hand the power and influence of music. Discovering hip-hop for the first time as a geeky, out-of-place teen he went on to study English at Stanford. A pioneer of “nerdcore hip-hop” and the self-proclaimed originator of “post-punk laptop rap,” his music videos such as “Ahab” “White Kids Aren’t Hyphy,” “MC Lars’ iGeneration,” and “This Gigantic Robot Kills” have swept YouTube with their nerdy charm. Lars is now exploring how to use hip-hop to teach teens literature and creativity.