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My City > George the Poet

‘My City’ a poem about the forgotten parts of London, A collaboration between George the Poet and director Rob Ryan.

Filmed by Paul Kirsop
Graded by Fergus Hally (in Melbourne!)

Part II – ‘creativity in adversity’ is now in production.

For more info contact rob@deuce-films.com

Below is a profile of George the Poet by Link Up TV:

The Great Displaced > Omar Musa

Poem by Omar Musa
Website: http://obmmusic.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/omarmusaqbn
Twitter: @obmmusic https://twitter.com/#!/obmmusic

Shot and edited by Rush
Website: http://therush.com.au/
Twitter: @rushphotos http://www.twitter.com/rushphotos
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rushphotographer
Instagram: @rushphotos

Poetry & Preaching > by SLAM TV

Stylistically, many Slam Poets are close to preachers – even Saul Williams has spoken of the influence of his father the Baptist Minister in his style of spoken word. However, the connection between slam and proselytizing is becoming more and more visible in the online world these days, as the theological debate goes online and the slam poems and the video responses are creating a fascinating global discussion.

Some might say that Religion has been going around in circles for thousands of years, debating the pros and cons of each set and subset of the splintering churches of the monotheistic juggernaut. Perhaps what is most original about these young spoken word artists is that Youtube has become the pulpit, or the soapbox, and the different worlds of religion are able to share their idealistic, mutualistic, and mono-mystic views without the discussion debasing into violence. Everyone in between can tune in and make up their own mind, or tune out and live their own life, in Peace, whilst the preachers argue about something that is supposed to bring us together.

Although we are non-partisan, SLAM TV presents a taste of the debate from the Christian to the Muslim to the Atheist and a few notes inbetween. These videos have collectively  received millions of hits online. But is it poetry, or preaching, or both?

‪Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word‬

‪Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Muslim Version || Spoken Word || Response‬

‪”Why I Love Islam, And Love Jesus Too” The Zaghloool | Spoken Word HD‬

‪Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam‬

‪Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus || Spoken Word‬

‪I Hate Religion, And Jesus Too‬

These Spiritual Window Shoppers > Rumi

These Spiritual Window Shoppers was written in the 13th century by the Sufi mystic poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi and translated and recited in this short film by Coleman Barks.

From the anthology of video poetry ‘RIFF RANT RAVE’


Somali poets and rappers in a cipher on the streets of Minneapolis during the Somali Independence Day celebration.

Produced by Matt Erickson.

Poet Nation is a Somali art and culture hub that engages youth from around the world through poetry, music and great stories.


Just Before You Died > Eleanor Jackson

Just Before You Died from noknowthing films on Vimeo.

Winner of the 2012 Queensland Poetry Festival Filmmakers Challenge.

“Eleanor Jackson’s hush illuminates pre-apocalypse in “Just Before You Died,” directed by Doubting Thomas. Intimacy is constructed through continuous shot twinned with compelling narrative — both focused with care on the poem’s human subject. Voyage simulates relationship, swollen in its tender final woo and woe. Him is you, him we love, and all the more as we move into this gift of a poetry film.”

-a.rawlings : Arts Queensland Poet in Residence, 2012.

Noknowthing Films presents : Just Before You Died.
A Film by doubting thomas
Directed & Produced by doubting thomas
Poetry by Eleanor Jackson

Confrontation > Michael Franti/Spencer Love/Penny Shaw

poem spoken by Michael Franti
from 1 Giant Leap

michael franti
spencer love
tehamua nikora
penny shaw
kirsten olivier
soweto string quartet
kishore kumar mishra
carol robinson
frank byng
smart and friends
bahman mobayen
robin jeffrey
duncan bridgeman

fred reid
david oldfield
george naku