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I Slam (Ya Muslimeen) > Husam Aldiery

I Slam (Ya Muslimeen) by Husam Aldiery


I slam in slams to slam stereotypical labels out of your mind
And I’ll slam six hundred and sixty six thousand times for you to enter mine
I’ll grab your finger and let it grace that button to re-wind
Rewind your mind back to the ages of pre-ignorance
When your view of me was pre-militant
You see..
My words are melodic, hypnotic, sporadic and slightly spastic
And my thought process is futile when I’m twelve hours fastin’
If you cross me I’ll smile at you and swallow my anger
Aint nothing in this world worth fighting for so take a step back.. son
Brother, sister, father, mother, grand-father and teacher you all are my equals
Take my hand as we circle around our ka3ba like oceans are circled by eagles
Let us walk amongst the mountains of our forefathers
And may the mercy of allah be on the souls of all our beloved martyrs
Let us breathe in the air that is purified by the light that our heart shines
There voices echo between each and every one of my weighted rhymes
This is for Hamza al khatib, Ibrahim al hayjee, mohammed turki
This is for you and you and you and me
I write these poems to show you the truth of who we could be
Ya Muslimeen…
Let us pack sandcastle mountains of knowledge on the shores of our lands
Far enough from the oceans waves for our hands to crash softly into the sand
Let us illimunate around our brothers like the moon lights the stars and the sun glistens off the seas
Let us grow like dafodils in the cracks of broken stone like the bones of our knees
Let us smell like the roses at dusk after a hurricane
And let our words sweeten the eardrums of our brothers like sugar cane
So take my hand and walk with me to the gates of heaven
Grab a group with you blessed like the skies and seas.. seven
Circle around the oceans and fill your pens with the ink that god has given
Hold your voice between your fingers and widen your vision
Write like the instrument that god made you
Write till your soul shakes you
Till your breath overtakes you
Till your mind can’t take you any further
Write for your brothers and your sisters struggling
Write because the truth is humbling
Write because you have a purpose
Write because we are all worth it
Shrug aside facebook, twitter, tumblr, and youtube
Our voices are the social media that God speaks through

Ya muslimeen…
We are the bird’s chirp at dawn
We are the rhythm of the ocean’s waves
We are the rigidity of Mountains
We are the rays of the sun
The shine of the moon
The smell of truth
We are the taste of grace
We are fresh cut grass
A cold glass of water
The warmth of a campfire
The beating of a drum
The meaning of music
The rumble of thunder
The spark of lighting
We are Muslims
So let us spread our existence like perfume fills a room
And let our scent descend and transcend the existence of men like flowers about to bloom
Because we are the instruments through which god speaks through
So speak with me and shine light on the truth


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