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Australian Poets

Our Future > Gina Rinehart

Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart has found inspiration in the form of poetry to impart her philosophy of prosperity and mining. The piece, titled “Our Future”, was engraved on a 30-tonne iron ore boulder and discusses the benefits of the resources industry.


Below, The Chaser’s, Craig Reucassel performs the poem on Q&A. Watch the full episode here: http://bit.ly/zYH7N7

The Wanderer Returns > Stefan Raabe

An interesting mixture of poetry and fashion in this short film created by Stefan Raabe for Aurelia Boutique

Crew Credits:

Executive Producer – Karen Madhavan
Director / Editor / Colour – Stefan Raabe (stefanraabe.com)
DOP – William Horne (williamhornes.blogspot.com.au)
Camera Assistant – Luke Jones
Stylist / Location Scout – Melanie Sakkeus
Sound Design – Nick Venn (bangbangstudios.com.au)
Talent – Jaimee Gooley
Voice – Marcella Russo

Music credits:

Track 1 – “Sluice” by Sawako (troncolon.com)

Track 2 – Accoustic track by Uncle Signmund (freesound.org/people/UncleSigmund/sounds/30266/)

Equipment and specs:

Camera – Sony F3, and FS100
Lenses – Sony kit lenses 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
+ Canon 100mm Macro 2.8 L & 24mm L. Most shots were captured using a Cambo Jib.

Star time lapse – shot over 7hours on Canon 7D, 11-16mm Tokina lens, TC-80N3 remote, battery grip with 2 x LPE6 batteries. Capture Settings: BULB, aperture 2.8, 300ISO, 30 second exposures at 5 second intervals – processed in QuicktimePro 7.

Editing – FCP studio 7 and colour grading finished with Color. Cinema tools used for conforming footage for slow motion effect. Sound design created in Pro Tools.


My Confessions (pt 1-4) > Joel McKerrow

“My Confessions” by Joel McKerrow is an epic poem series that explores the taboos of being white male Christian dominance and the guilt that comes with being the most privileged ‘minority’ in a globalised world.

It is a heartfelt, honest and exposing piece of work that deserves to be seen in it’s entirety so SLAM TV presents all four poems and the epilogue here:

My Confessions pt 1 – The White Part of Me

My Confessions pt 2- The Rich Part of Me

My Confessions pt 3 – The Christian Part of Me

My Confessions pt 4 – The masculine part + The Epilogue

For more work by this poet go to:  www.joelmckerrow.com

We R Not Afraid > Thomas Keilly




Chuggers > Doubting Thomas


Inspired by the writings and thought of Oscar Wilde and Slavoj Zizek; and the relentless antics of charity muggers across the world. Warning: contains satire.

Doubting Thomas urges you to do one of the things humans do best – create shit.

My Apology > Abe Ape

“We can only decalre ourselves free when we’re both out of the same cage, physically and mentally. Aware of your trouble, I should see through no rest till your freedom and your rights are the same as mine”

-Indigenous Empowerment

A to Z > Luka Lesson

A to Z’ from the Album ‘The Confluence’ by Luka Lesson.


Filmed by Jeremy Beasley